After nearly 100 years Catch Wrestling is returning in a big way in a collaboration between leaders, Scientific Wrestling and Snake Pit U.S.A. with the highly anticipated ICWF.


Celebrating Success of Unified Catch Wrestling World Championships, Co-Promoters Solidify International Catch Wrestling Federation

August 17, 2018

Few realize the origins of professional wrestling come from the very real (and not choreographed) catch-as-catch-can wrestling, a sport popular in both America and Europe nearly a hundred years ago.  With the popularity of MMA and other combat sports on the rise, modern organizations have formed to revive the sport of catch wrestling, led by Jake Shannon’s Scientific WrestlingThe Undisputed Leader in No-Hold-Barred Catch-As-Catch-Can Wrestling” and Joel Bane’s Snake Pit U.S.A., “The World’s Premier Catch Wrestling Organization.

Uniting for the good of the sport, the two organizations recently co-promoted the wildly successful inaugural Unified Catch Wrestling World Championships on July 14, 2018, where good sportsmanship and collaboration were the order of the day.  To celebrate this success, and keep things moving forward, Scientific Wrestling and Snake Pit U.S.A. have founded the long-awaited catch wrestling governing body, the International Catch Wrestling Federation (ICWF), with the goal of uniting the sport’s various promotions and athletes while helping coordinate its continued growth.  The witnessed excitement surrounding this highly anticipated unification is nothing short of inspiring.

The ICWF has put out word that they are actively seeking investment partners, sponsors and high-caliber athletes, to be part of their organization and help fuel its growth to ensure a win-win for all concerned.

The first member to join the ICWF has been USA Catch Wrestling, based in the United States of America. The ICWF is currently vetting applications from the UK, Italy, Japan, Colombia, Spain, Australia, Canada and elsewhere. The ICWF plans to eventually organize, train, scout and book talent from member organizations, while providing a soon to be launched universal database/website unlike anything seen to date.

The catch wrestlers themselves are equally as excited by these new developments, as are the fans and promotions.

Another exciting announcement is the decade old “King of Catch Wrestling” has also become a unified promotion, evolving from an amateur open tournament into a professional, invitational fight promotion sanctioned by the ICWF.


Jake Shannon, President ICWF, founder stated:

“We are proud and thrilled to provide both the fans and athletes of catch wrestling more of what they’ve wanted from us: real, competitive, no-holds-barred, amateur and professional catch-as-catch-can, the best is yet to come!”

Joel Bane, Vice President ICWF, founder remarked:

“Catch Wrestling has undeniably needed structure, teamwork and ultimately leadership for quite some time. With the two largest Catch Wrestling organizational leaders in the world uniting, the time is finally here and we will ensure that this soon becomes a reality. As proud members of the grappling and martial arts community, we are excited about what the future holds for both the sport and art of catch-as-catch-can wrestling.”

About Scientific Wrestling & Snake Pit U.S.A.

Scientific Wrestling is the undisputed leader in no-holds-barred catch-as-catch-can wrestling. Having ignited the modern catch wrestling revolution, Scientific Wrestling has provided unapparelled training camps world-wide with some of the greatest catch wrestlers of all time and delivered endless historical, and technical study materiel, along with one of the very first online training databases, est. 2003. Snake Pit U.S.A. is the World’s Premier Catch Wrestling Organization with an ever-expanding fanbase of over a quarter million fans and a host of National & International training/affiliate locations, est. 2011.

For more information, be sure to visit and

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