More catch titles from our friends at BJJ Fanatics (see the other one’s we featured here).

Josh Barnett’s CHAMPIONSHIP LEVEL CATCH WRESTLING (to round out his original BREAK A LEG, ATTACKING THE GUARD, & PUNISHING RIDES instructionals from Scientific Wrestling.

Fujiwara’s still at it!!!

Fujiwara’s SHOOT FIGHTING SUBMISSION SYSTEMS (the follow up to his SUBMISSION MASTER available at

Erik Paulson’s back too!

Erik Paulson’s KILLER CATCH WRESTLING COMBOS (also check out his NECKBREAKER instructional from

If you have a few hours to burn learning about catch-as-catch-can grappling related stuff I have been a guest on a few podcasts since we’ve been locked down.

First, listen to the brilliant Sonny Brown interview me on the Sonny Brown Breakdown here.

Then I was on Kaleb Planks’ InfernoCast , on Coach Brian’s Teach Me Grappling, Chris Marten’s BizJitsu podcast about my DVT and discovery of my carotid artery dissection/mini-Stroke last September:

Then it was awesome the Josh WARMASTER Barnett gave me a shout out on the Joe Rogan Podcast (at about the 59:30 mark):

The most fun are the podcasts I do with friends and younger athletes that I admire like Josh STARLORD Leduc:

…and Emil Fischer on his Baking Cookies, Taking Limbs podcast:

Hope you all are doing ok during Lockdown. Hit me up if you have an questions or ideas for me! Thanks.

Volumes 1 and 2 of my Catch-As-Catch-Can wrestling instructional series for cover all 3 phases of CACC; Standing, On-Top, and Underneath.


Volume 1 covers Standing CACC and is absolutely jam-packed with takedowns and throws.


Volume 2, Catch Wrestling Submissions, picks up where Vol 1 left off, showing you how to finish the match On-Top via scores of submissions and pinning set-ups and combinations. Additionally, I cover Underneath escapes and reversals too!

Grab your copies here:

Catch Wrestling Takedowns by Jake Shannon

Catch Wrestling Submissions by Jake Shannon

Those of you who have been around know that CACC has been my passion for a very long time and I am very proud of these DVDs. This is CACC specifically for grappling although any in either martial arts or professional wrestling will vastly benefit from studying this system as well.

Ps. Special thanks to my right-hand man Sam Kressin who shows some killer leg lock concepts and who got cranks on and tossed for hours filming these!

BJJ Fanatics is supporting ALL the grappling sports INCLUDING CATCH-AS-CATCH-CAN WRESTLING!!!

In addition to the LEGENDARY instructionals I’ve produced over at Scientific Wrestling I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the following titles produced by BJJ Fanatics:





Since 2007 (formerly the “Certified Catch Wrestler” program) has trained both elite & novice grapplers, fighters, & professional wrestlers in the tough sport of Catch-As-Catch-Can wrestling.

Coaching Catch is a ultimately a leadership program designed to produce the nextgen of CACC competitors and coaches to create catch wrestling competitions and invade grappling tournaments, MMA promotions,  and pro-wrestling cards (we call our invasion angle the Catch World Order and hope you’ll become #cWo4life with us)!

Our Coaching Catch course is the only one co-developed by feared & respected Catch-As-Catch-Can & Professional Wrestler Billy Robinson & taught by his hand-picked Assistant Coaches.

Register today & receive:

  • 3 full days of training
  • BRAND NEW Catch World Order rashguard
  • UPGRADED “Catch-As-Catch-Can: The Sport of Professional Wrestling” handbook/field guide
  • LIFETIME membership to the streaming library at
  • FREE, over 3,000 pages!
…available only to Coaching Catch registered attendees!

In addition to initiating the modern era of competitive catch-as-catch-can wrestling and providing top-shelf training opportunities with legends Scientific Wrestling prides itself on providing Grade A online content too. Check out these recent articles by esteemed CACC wrestling historian Mark Hewitt:


Before MMA #1: Wrestlers versus Boxers, Even the Promoters Got into the Act


BEFORE MMA #2 – East Meets West-1905: Catch-As-Catch-Can Takes on Jiu-Jitsu

And if well-sourced, well written scholarly articles on CACC aren’t your cup of tea, sit-in on these exclusive RARE but lengthy audio conversations with “God of Wrestling” Karl Gotch himself:

My Conversations with Karl

Also, one of my gonzo journalistic endeavors where I cobbled together scraps of lost footage from my 7 year apprenticeship with Billy “The British Lion” Robinson:

DO IT AGAIN – The Lost Training Camp Footage with Billy Robinson

Also, please subscribe to and listen my new podcast, “Do It Again” with great guests like Wade “Pinisher” Schalles, Guy Mezger, Josh “Warmaster” Barnett, D.B. Smith, Brandon Ruiz, Marty Jones, and many more:


The Do It Again Podcast