The Journey Begins, Again…



Thanks for joining me! I am switching over blogging platforms in the hopes that it helps in Scientific Wrestling’s outreach efforts. If you want to reach the old blogs for some reason (nostalgia or something?) the link is here. In addition I have been updating our Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube platforms too.

Since 2003 I’ve really done as much as I can to influence, inspire, provoke, and otherwise revive catch-as-catch-can wrestling, in particular the no-holds-barred rules & style of CACC that peaked in popularity during the reign of Evan “Strangler” Lewis and set the stage for the Golden Age of CACC that witnessed the battles of Burns, Jenkins, Gotch, and Hackenschmidt; an age that went on to spawn Olympic freestyle wrestling, slam-bang WWE sports entertainment wrestling, as well as submission grappling and mixed martial arts.

I’ve decided to make this blog the central source repository for all things related to Scientific Wrestling. I will be posting updates and news items here as well as posting historical materials and other stuff I’ve collected or created over the years. In the future I will be posting large parts of the Fighting Library here, footage from the PIN and SUBMIT Training Camps with Wade Schalles and Josh Barnett, new instructionals (one from Josh on leglocks and one from Wade on solo wrestling drills!), and upcoming tournament and coaching opportunities. And more!

In the meantime, check out my conversations with Karl Gotch. Two of my favorite creations were inspired by Karl, the Macebell and The King of Catch Wrestling tournaments.

Next post I will share more information about our revamped coaching certification program, Coaching Catch-As-Catch-Can (CCACC)


“These days, almost everybody’s coming into combat sports through the Japanese style of learning, with the belt system. That’s what is great about Jake’s and my idea about the certification. It wouldn’t have been necessary in the old days, but it’s necessary now. It helps create an interest among all those people who want to come to a seminar and get a certificate, so we can actually teach them the old catch-as-catch-can way – to learn how to learn. And I can’t blame them for wanting to have their names noted as part of the history of catch-as-catch-can.” – Billy Robinson, Physical Chess, p. 139


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