Fun recent Podcasts interviews…

Here are my most recent interviews (2018), got great feedback from both! I was most recently on Ryan Ford’s Grappling Central Podcast:

“Jake Shannon is a highly respected figure in the world of Catch Wrestling. He talks about the history of the style, his time spent with the legends of the sport and Professional Wrestling. He also talks about the future of Catch Wrestling! Click “Read More” for show notes!

-Finding Jiu-Jitsu in the early 90’s
-His experience in Professional Wrestling
-Transitioning into Catch Wrestling
-Befriending Karl Gotch and Billy Robinson
-Catch Wrestling’s close ties to Professional Wrestling
-The history of Catch Wrestling
-The Japanese approach to Pro Wrestling
-Karl Gotch’s impact on Japan
-80’s Pro Wrestling
-A stylistic breakdown of Catch Wrestling
-The value of pinning
-Mark Schultz
-Catch Wrestling’s slow growth in America
-Intensity levels in training and student retention
-Jiu-Jitsu’s success in the US
-Can Catch Wrestling implement a ranking system?
-What Catch Wrestling can do for BJJ athletes
-The grappling community
-The Pummel
-Surviving cancer
-Yoga for grapplers
-His training camps
-Sharknado 4
-The future of Catch Wrestling”

And just prior to that I was interviewed by Coach Rich Thurman for Live with Coach_RT3: to discuss the Macebell and MaceYoga:


“Jake is the creator of the first Macebell. He’s an entrepreneur, author and founder of Scientific Wrestling. This live interview took place on January 9, 2018 on Facebook.

View Original video here:…
Subscribe to Jake’s YouTube Channel:…

Follow Jake on Instagram:

Jake’s Website:

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