Scientific Wrestling on Video-On-Demand!

When I started in 2003, DVDs were the standard medium for wrestling instructionals. 15 years later, DVD players are hard to find in most homes since most people now just stream content directly to their laptop or smartphone.

It has taken substantial time, money, and effort BUT we finally transferred ALL of our highly acclaimed grappling instructionals to Video-On-Demand! This means that whenever you decide you want to learn from Scientific Wrestling legends like Karl Gotch, Billy Robinson, Wade Schalles, Yoshiaki Fujiwara, Josh Barnett, etc. you can! You can purchase the instructionals permanently or rent them and no shipping expense or wait! Also, you can watch them on the Vimeo app on your phone in the gym, on the bus, at work, anywhere!

Remember, if you want our complete library (including the massive Fighting Library and the exclusive Scientific Wrestling t-shirt) remember the Complete Catch Wrestler package! You won’t find better information or coaches anywhere!



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