“I feel like the Macebell is back!” – Jake Shannon

As the prime-mover of the modern fitness mace movement I am so proud and relieved that Greg Walsh has brought to market this amazing piece of equipment for serious athletes!

Get a grip on the ONLY mace that I stand behind and endorse right here right now.
This thing is F*CKING AMAZING! Not only is this the BEST production Fitness Mace on the market, it is ALSO a gorgeous artisan mace thanks to the etching artist Heather McAllister!

For those of you that follow my other endeavors, at the beginning of last year I launched Thales Coaching to help struggling individuals and small business owners grow their businesses by 30% via proprietary business development systems. I’ve been doing business development through three Global Financial Crises now. Anyway, because I only work with the very best (e.g., all the greats that work with Scientific Wrestling), I’ve partnered with the #1 sales & marketing trainer on the planet, Grant Cardone. I only say this because I even gifted Uncle G his own custom mace!

10X Mace!
I am on a mission to get Grant Cardone on the cover of Men’s Fitness with a Macebell!!

Also, for those of you that own the hardware, here’s some software to help you get the most out of your investment!!

Greg Walsh is a renowned elite trainer and the man responsible for bringing the only mace I endorse to market.
Rik is one of my first mace students and a legend within the modern fitness mace movement. Fantastic teacher!

As I said, after years of not having a mace that I believe in, now I feel like the Macebell is back!

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