“MUST HAVE” BJJ Fanatics Titles for the Serious Student of Catch-As-Catch-Can!

I really love what BJJFanatics.com has been doing! When I started ScientificWrestling.com I developed a business model that resulted in our legendary grappling collection. BJJ Fanatics has used that same business logic from one of our tranches but BLOWN IT UP MASSIVELY! Instead of niche-ing like we did (we only wanted instructionals relevant to CACC specifically), they applied it far and wide. I am so proud of their success and to be working with them!

If you want to accelerate your CACC knowledge then, in addition to the legendary instructionals that I produced for Scientific Wrestling, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the following titles from BJJ Fanatics:

My first two, Catch Wrestling Takedowns and Catch Wrestling Submissions have gotten great reviews (thanks to SW Coach Sam Kressin for helping), check them out here:


Volume 1 covers Standing CACC and is absolutely jam-packed with takedowns and throws.


Volume 2, Catch Wrestling Submissions, picks up where Vol 1 left off, showing you how to finish the match On-Top via scores of submissions and pinning set-ups and combinations. Additionally, I cover Underneath escapes and reversals too!

My most recent instructional, The Nelson Family, is the very first comprehensive application of the Nelson hold for grappling (special thanks to SW Coach Jesse Marez for all the help)!

SW Coach Sam Kressin (and 3rd degree BJJ blackbelt) shares tons of gnarly tech gleaned from his years of training with Billy Robinson at Scientific Wrestling Training Camps!
SW Coach Jesse Marez has been studying and applying the Scientific Wrestling formula since the beginning. He is a highly decorated grappler and a great coach. Get this ASAP.
Scientific Wrestling Coach Wade Schalles is the UNDISPUTED God of Pinning
Get EVERYTHING by Wade as fast as you can!
Slicks & Tricks
Ride FIRST CLASS with Wade!!

Josh Barnett’s CHAMPIONSHIP LEVEL CATCH WRESTLING (rounds out his original trilogy: BREAK A LEG, ATTACKING THE GUARD, & PUNISHING RIDES from Scientific Wrestling.

Josh Barnett’s impact upon keeping CACC alive cannot be overstated. The WARMASTER is perhaps the most technical and successful heavyweights to ever wave the catch-as-catch-can banner!
This is how Josh tapped the exceptionally tough Dean Lister (undefeated for 17 years until Josh tapped him with this control position)
Another brutal staple of the CACC arsenal, and they are everywhere when you know how to look!
Josh’s face says it all, the Achilles lock is FUN!!
Scientific Wrestling Asst. Coach David Petrone has made the cradle into the equivalent of the wrestler’s “guard”.
Brandon Ruiz is a World Champion grappler (and 1/2 of the Shoot Pro Wrestling Tag Team Champions) and a great friend. I’ve learned a lot from him, and so should you!
Gokor Chivichyan is one of the greatest grappling instructors of all time, in my opinion. I was able to spend 6 month at his North Hollywood dojo circa 2004 and was absolutely blown away by his prowess and technical efficiency. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
Neil Melanson is great instructor, innovator, and representative of the Gokor/Lebell line of CACC.
Melanson is a master at keeping CACC techniques relevant to the broader MMA/grappling game.

Erik Paulson’s KILLER CATCH WRESTLING COMBOS is a fantastic complement to his NECKBREAKER instructional from ScientificWrestling.com:

Erik Paulson is quite literally a human encyclopedia of martial arts and his depth of knowledge of CACC is always impressive. Check out this legend from Shooto!

Fujiwara’s SHOOT FIGHTING SUBMISSION SYSTEMS is the follow up to his EPIC SUBMISSION MASTER instructional available at ScientificWrestling.com:

Yoshiaki KUMICHO Fujiwara is the only person that Karl Gotch personally recommended that I learn Karl’s methods from. He called him his “greatest student”.
Mr. Miyato from Japan is the only other person I know that spent as much time learning the art of coaching catch-as-catch-can directly from Billy Robinson as I did. Highly Recommended!
Kazushi Sakuraba was the inspiration for Scientific Wrestling way back in 2003!
The Legend!
Harry Grech is a successful athlete and instructor. He’s also one of the few people to earn the approval of Josh WARMASTER Barnett himself.

Since I no longer produce instructional videos (since my time is now consumed with other things like the Scientific Wrestling Accelerator Camps, Shoot Pro Wrestling, King of Catch Wrestling, etc.), now I just refer the people to BJJ Fanatics due to the amazing job they’re doing!!!

I am proud to recommend these DVDs. I hope you pick them up (and if you do, please leave a review on the BJJ Fanatics site)! These titles are CACC specifically for grappling although martial artists and professional wrestlers will radically benefit from studying these as well.

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